Little Projects

Recently I’ve had a thing for creating jewelry plates out of terra cotta plant saucers. They’re super easy to revive and can be polished with mod podge for a more glossy feel while… Continue reading

Instagram Dishes

1. Mixed Greens with Salmon topped with light creole mayo  2. Sliced tofu, mushrooms, tofu fettucini noodles and ricotta cheese  3. Stuffed chicken with mushrooms, spinach and ricotta cheese  4. Tofu noodles with… Continue reading

Cinnamon Pancakes!

I’m one out of the many many individuals who absolutely LOVE! breakfast.. breakfast wraps or sandwiches on the go, breakfast for dinner and delicious brunch goodness. But since going on this low fat,… Continue reading

A new spin on your wedding cake

  I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have something other than a traditional 3, 4 or even 5 tiered wedding cake. I started to see more options once I got… Continue reading

A DIY S’mores Favor

My fiance Morgan and I had our engagement party not long ago in August at my sister’s beautiful downtown condo party room. We had an amazing time with family and friends, especially joining… Continue reading

A Pretty Plant Wedding

Pretty plants please me very much. Say that a few times! I bought some plants from Ikea on Sunday and I was happy that they had a variety of beauties. I also wondered… Continue reading

Passion: for helping out

Recently I had the chance to help out two friends who I really love to spend time with. They had started a cupcake business out of their condo and two months later they’re… Continue reading

A New Venture

For awhile now, I’ve been contemplating on what it really means to feel fulfilled in my career. What would ultimately make me joyful, happy everyday of my life? My all time goal was… Continue reading

Jewelry Collection

I’m in love with everything accessories! For awhile now I’ve collected certain pieces I feel I can use everyday with every outfit. It’s super important to have accessories to match and I’ve finally… Continue reading