Jewelry Collection

I’m in love with everything accessories! For awhile now I’ve collected certain pieces I feel I can use everyday with every outfit. It’s super important to have accessories to match and I’ve finally collected a handful of pieces I can mix and match.

The jewelry box you see in the photos is from a vintage store in Sault Ste Marie which is about 8 hours away from where I live. Yep, we drove all the way there for a nice little vacay for the long weekend. My fiance and I have so far been to over 10 antique stores, flea markets all over Ontario. I wonder what we’d find if we were to visit places like Nova Scotia, Montreal.. you name it!

I swear we’re definitely pickers at heart. I don’t even know how our antique cravings happened.. always for another post! I’ve got tons to show you in terms of our wedding process. Our engagement party is coming up next weekend and we’re super excited. I did a lot of DIY crafts with my wedding party team (abundance of thanks) so I’ll definitely take some pics to show.