A New Venture

For awhile now, I’ve been contemplating on what it really means to feel fulfilled in my career. What would ultimately make me joyful, happy everyday of my life? My all time goal was and still has been to always wake up LOVING what I do. Morgan my fiance and I have agreed that it’s our ultimate goal individually to really discover what we love to do before we start a family and to wake up everyday full of gratitude and happiness. We both have a great understanding of starting a family when we are both content with what we are achieving individually because it’s so important to feel happiness in what you do everyday so you can also focus on growing a family and passing on wisdom, memories and accomplishments.
So, after a lot of thought since January 1st, 2012 I had thought about so so many things I was passionate about. I started out with the idea of opening a workshop center for young girls to develop artistic abilities and skills, that can help them in their future but to also be therapeutic for themselves to get through the hard times in their lives, whether it would be bullying, verbal or sexual abuse and body image. Then, I realized that as much as I’d like to go that path I knew there were a lot of things I wanted to be accustomed to in order to serve these girls. I wanted to have all the experience and knowledge that I can offer. So that didn’t work out after all.

After getting engaged in April, I started to focus my attention on how exciting wedding planning would be! I was in wedding bliss with my fiance and started thinking about colour schemes, themes and different touches we can put towards our special day. Throughout the next few months, with summer being known for road trips for us, we knew we wanted to stop by antique stores and flea markets to see what it would offer us for our wedding theme. Little did I know that my career would manifest, just by doing what I loved! I had so much fun searching high and low throughout these vintage items, designing my engagement invites and looking through pinterest filling my brain with creativity I never knew I had!

Then it hit me and I absolutely knew in my heart that this was what I enjoyed the most and it’s exactly what I wanted to pursue in my life. Working on stationary and invitations (and later on hopefully many other services that are unique and helpful to other brides!) would be something I knew I’d have so much fun doing. I always had a knack for supplying endless ideas for family parties, events and other special events so it’s funny how I blindsided myself to what I know I’m made to do. Somehow, the girls that I want to help always popped in my head and as they’re still a goal for me to help and contribute, I know that I’d want to include them in anyway I can (Stay tuned!!)

Anyway, to conclude my post I want to introduce my new baby! Loved Invitations & Stationary. It’s still a work in progress but slowly it’s growing and it’ll be amazing. I’ll definitely be updating you all on the upcoming website that will launch in October but for now check out my facebook page at facebook.com/lovedstationary. Like it to show me some love 😉