Passion: for helping out


Recently I had the chance to help out two friends who I really love to spend time with. They had started a cupcake business out of their condo and two months later they’re taking in so many orders and have gotten so much support from family and friends.

Excited little me wanted to dive right in and ask to help design their branding and also to do a shoot of their cupcakes so far (which turned out so great! more pics to come..) You can check them out on Facebook and Twitter by searching “His & Her Cupcakes” on Facebook and “hishercupcakes” on Twitter. We’ve also launched their website which will have added content soon enough but is new and exciting! Check their website here.

I’ve always felt compelled to help out anyone in need, especially if it had to do with what I do best which is design! and photograph! I’ve just started taking more and more photos of things I like, things I’ve created and food of course. It’s been a fun ride nonetheless and helping others start up their businesses is really a complete honor! We’re all in this together and why not help each other out to the best of your abilities? It’s always seamless and easy because I have a passion for what I do so most of the time I don’t feel like it’s a job if you know what I mean.

Projects have been popping out of nowhere which I’m super grateful for because I had quite the dry spell for a bit. I’m happy there’s a variety of things I’m working on, it’s quite exciting.