A DIY S’mores Favor

My fiance Morgan and I had our engagement party not long ago in August at my sister’s beautiful downtown condo party room. We had an amazing time with family and friends, especially joining both families and meeting for the first time 🙂

I had the idea of unifying our wedding theme with our favourite time of the year which is summer! Believe it or not, the summer of 2010 was the first time we met and it was the best summer I’ve had to date! I don’t think I’ve ever spent that much time doing so many new and exciting activities with a guy who was super amazing and who I connected from the get go. Little did we know that it would be something we very much had in common, and wanted to start many traditions like going to the CNE, watching a movie in the drive-in and searching for our fix of Tiny Tom’s!

Our first year anniversary was more than I could ever ask for and all I wanted to do was to capture that moment and of course it had to be at the CNE, one of our early dates and our favourite one actually! It was the first time we held hands… aww! So I got my favourite photographer friend Jeremy North-Lewis

and he captured a beautiful summer day at the CNE with us playing games, being affectionate and just enjoying ourselves. The photos were very candid and so beautiful! It’s something we’ll definitely cherish for the years to come.

Now onto the favors! I hope you’re getting the hint of why we decided to incorporate this into our engagement party. It just seemed easy and fitting. As a graphic designer it was easy to come up with a way to put some of our favourite photos into this package and it was pretty fun for me to scope out materials and other things to pull this little thing together.

In total, for about 30 favors I spent less than $36 given and take!

Materials included:

Labels designed by me and printed at Kinkos – $15

Burlap string – $5

Clear bags – $3

Hole Punch – $3

Tissue Paper – $1 (I used 2 packages that had a few sheets in there)

S’mores Hershey’s package at Loblaws – On sale for $4! I bought 2 packages and it was enough to give each favour 2 s’mores 🙂

With the help of my maid of honour sister Kristine and my two friends Amanda and Dave, the prep time to set this all up wasn’t so bad! It’s all about team work 😉