A Pretty Plant Wedding

Pretty plants please me very much. Say that a few times!

I bought some plants from Ikea on Sunday and I was happy that they had a variety of beauties. I also wondered how it would be to visit an actual Nursery and see even more of a variety of beautiful plants and flowers. I knew right when I got engaged that I wanted to be a part of the whole DIY category for my wedding just because my fiance and I are both pretty simple and we knew we’d want it to be simple and sweet. So what more can we ask for with some mini plants like cactus’s especially to spruce up the table setting?

So far, it’s only been a thought. Our wedding is on August 25th, 2013 so I’ve got plenty of time to think about this. But for now! here are some rough ideas on what my visions are.. enjoy 🙂

Source: Dois Pontos

Source: Ruffled blog DIY Teacup Planters