A new spin on your wedding cake


I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have something other than a traditional 3, 4 or even 5 tiered wedding cake. I started to see more options once I got engaged and the fact that there were cupcakes filled on a cupcake stand, macarons and even mini wedding cakes that I stumbled upon online and by attending weddings, it definitely validated my curiosity.

Thankfully I have an aunt who is so talented in baking and cake decorating that I’m set! The fun thing will be when the time comes is brainstorming on something that’s both different and a pure mix of who my fiance and I are. Morgan and I are both lovers of yummy desserts and all things brunch.. sometimes I wish I could incorporate french toast and turn it into cake form. Possible? I’ll ask. I also saw a bunch of photos of different cakes that weren’t necessarily intended for nuptial purposes but it made it much more exciting to think outside of the box. I did find out that Stanley Tucci (One of my favourite actors) recently got married to Emily Blunt’s sister in Italy and what was their wedding cake? A couple of tiers filled with gourmet cheeses and rounds of brie, Gruyere and much more! It was amazing.

I hope this post finds you well dear bride, because for me it kind of gave me a kick of inspiration that I needed 🙂

Resources: Find all recipes and links on Loved Invitations & Stationery’s Pinterest here.