Instagram Dishes

1. Mixed Greens with Salmon topped with light creole mayo  2. Sliced tofu, mushrooms, tofu fettucini noodles and ricotta cheese  3. Stuffed chicken with mushrooms, spinach and ricotta cheese  4. Tofu noodles with grape tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms and scrambled egg.  5. Zucchini fries with light creole mayo

Since going on a diet plan for my PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) it’s changed my life definitely for the better! I never realized how much my condition has affected my lifestyle, the way I eat and how things could go crazy if not taken care of. After seeing my weight increase within 2 years because of enjoying so many unhealthy indulgences like it was a daily need, I knew that something was way off. For one, my mood and my well being was just awful. I’d have a hard time going to sleep, had trouble breathing and just didn’t feel good about myself. I’ve always had an issue with my weight since as young as I could remember and I know for a fact that this will be a daily struggle but I know that I will get through it!

I feel so much better in my clothes and even though it’s only been 20 pounds since August it’s definitely been a life changing experience like no other. I’ve not only made healthier tastier meals but I’m enjoying what I make and eat! I’ve learned not to complain anymore that meals are so restrictive in this diet (Dr. Poon Diet) but to think outside of the box and be creative 🙂

I’m aware that I’ve put a lot of ricotta cheese, mushrooms and spinach which are def my go to but I’m working on eating more of a variety and trying things out!

I’m hoping to lose another 20 pounds by Mid-December so when I do I will post a before and after picture 🙂

Kat xo (follow me on instagram at @katverendia to see more food pics! and @lovedstationery for more updates)